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My home cooking

Cucumber slices with my home-made sambal belachan.

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food." George Bernard Shaw.

Perhaps ... I love my travel just as much and I've taken to documenting the food I enjoy during my travels.  And because I rarely cook, I also document my creations as they are indeed rare occasions.

Home Cooking 2018

posted 1 Mar 2018, 18:02 by Alex Chan   [ updated 1 Mar 2018, 18:10 ]
Many people have very set ideas as to how certain ingredients are used.  Eg. rhubarb is stewed with sugar and used in desserts.  I start the year challenging this by using it in a curry, and follow through with some imaginative and other well-tested concoctions.  [View photos]

How to cut and eat a pineapple

posted 1 Mar 2018, 18:00 by Alex Chan   [ updated 1 Mar 2018, 18:11 ]
If you didn't grow up in the tropics, chances are you don't know the "proper" way of cutting a pineapple. Or even how to eat it! For maximum enjoyment, you have to eat it from top to bottom! Why? Read on ...  [View photos]

Grocery shopping in my local suburb

posted 28 Jun 2017, 18:57 by Alex Chan
I'm very lucky to live near Northcote where there is an Indonesian-owned supermarket and a mainland Chinese one.  I get access to some fine stuff which people in Malaysia would have trouble finding.  [View photos]

Making Gluten for Vegetarian "Meat"

posted 20 Jun 2017, 23:23 by Alex Chan   [ updated 20 Jun 2017, 23:35 ]
Gluten is somewhat vilified in the Western world but it is a common protein source for vegetarians in parts of Asia (mi kin in Hokkien Chinese, seitan in Japanese).  I have a go making it after a hiatus of about 30 years.  [View photos]

Home Cooking 2017

posted 4 Mar 2017, 01:11 by Alex Chan   [ updated 4 Mar 2017, 01:26 ]
Trying out new ideas and new ingredients.  Trying as much as possible not to capture the tried-and-trusted ideas already captured in previous years.  [View photos]

Simple home-cooked meals 2016

posted 4 Mar 2017, 01:09 by Alex Chan   [ updated 4 Mar 2017, 01:25 ]
With travel, work and keeping fit, this year's album started small but it appears to have grown rapidly towards the end of the year.  But It's still better than 2015 when I didn't capture any home-made goodies. No doubt, there will be some repeats from the 2014 album; after all these are largely simple meals or tried-and-trusted favourites.  [View photos].

Bakso & Beef Noodle Soup

posted 4 Mar 2017, 01:08 by Alex Chan   [ updated 4 Mar 2017, 01:24 ]
Bakso is an Indonesian-style meatball served in a soup, sometimes with noodles. I try making it and use it in a Malaysian-Thai-Chinese beef noodle soup.  [View photos]

Filipino Food Reinterpreted

posted 4 Mar 2017, 01:06 by Alex Chan   [ updated 4 Mar 2017, 01:23 ]
Malaysians don't rave about Filipino food. It isn't spicy enough for us. As a challenge (and a private joke between me and a friend) I give the cuisine my own interpretation and subject some friends to it.  [View photos]

Simple home-cooked meals 2014

posted 15 May 2014, 19:00 by Alex Chan   [ updated 12 Mar 2016, 14:21 ]
A break from career and travelling life sees me making home-cooked food or a change rather than eating out most days. Emphasis on vegetables, including hidden vegetables (which makes a change from hidden fats eg. in cakes and biscuits).  [View photos]

Red bean crumble

posted 15 May 2014, 17:50 by Alex Chan
Following on from my red bean cheesecake, I had always wanted to create a red bean crumble. It took me ages before I had a suitable audience (or victims) to make this for. Red bean desserts tend to polarise people; Asians vs Europeans.  [View photos]

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