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Eating 'round the world

Sake barrels in Kyoto, Japan.

For me, eating is one of the many joys of travelling.  In more recent years, I have taken to capturing memories of the food I enjoy ... in the same way as one would capture memories of landmarks, sights and special moments.  And why not?  I think food gives me more pleasure than a pile of rubble!

Around the world with McDonald's, KFC, Burger King etc

posted 1 Mar 2018, 23:22 by Alex Chan   [ updated 1 Mar 2018, 23:24 ]
While travelling, it is often necessary to eat quickly on the go. I like to see how the international fast food chains put a local twist into their menu.  [View photos]

Eating in the Nordic countries

posted 22 Sep 2017, 15:22 by Alex Chan   [ updated 22 Sep 2017, 15:27 ]
Everything including food is so goddamn expensive we're living off meals from supermarkets, 7 Eleven sandwiches and Subway Sub-of-the-Day. 
[View photos]

Eating in Spain

posted 22 Sep 2017, 15:21 by Alex Chan
With the sunny Mediterranean comes lots of seafood, fruits and salads.  [View photos]

Al-Yemen Restaurant in Kuching

posted 4 Mar 2017, 01:28 by Alex Chan
The first Yemeni restaurant in East Malaysia is very authentic and brings back many happy memories of my days in Yemen.  [View photos]

Eating in Italy

posted 21 Sep 2016, 20:49 by Alex Chan   [ updated 21 Sep 2016, 20:55 ]
A little taste of the flavours of Italy. Hope to add to this album in future visits.  [View photos]

Eating in the Baltics

posted 21 Sep 2016, 20:47 by Alex Chan   [ updated 21 Sep 2016, 20:56 ]
I come from a background of hot and spicy food.  So, in this region of bland food, I rediscover my taste buds and appreciate the real flavour of the produce.  [View photos]

Laksa isn't a dish ...

posted 8 Jun 2016, 03:20 by Alex Chan
Contrary to some Western perception, Laksa isn't a dish. Instead it refers to a raft of different spicy noodle soups, each having a different regional origin. Let me introduce you to the ones I know, starting with the variety I favour most.  [View photos]

Eating in Argentina

posted 8 Jun 2016, 03:03 by Alex Chan   [ updated 8 Jun 2016, 03:15 ]
Food in Argentina is heavy on meat and deep fried stuff. I'm surprised people aren't larger. Breakfasts are light and lunches/dinners heavy. Dinners are also late (8pm to 1am). They seem to do so much of it against common advice but all seems relatively well.  [View photos]

Eating in Peru

posted 8 Jun 2016, 03:02 by Alex Chan   [ updated 8 Jun 2016, 03:14 ]
One of Peru's great eating secrets is the "Menu del Dia" or daily special set meals from 6 soles (over NZD2). Portions are small so that you can enjoy all the food without upsizing your body size to gringo proportions.  [View photos]

Eating in Southern USA

posted 8 Jun 2016, 03:00 by Alex Chan   [ updated 8 Jun 2016, 03:16 ]
Small but delicious sampling of food from our brief stops in Houston (and surrounding areas), New Orleans and Miami.  [View photos]

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