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2011 Pulau Weh: Back for more diving off Aceh

posted 26 Jul 2011, 10:42 by Alex Chan   [ updated 16 Aug 2012, 07:57 ]
I did three dives at Pulau Weh (at the top of Aceh, Indonesia) this visit ... one excellent, one good and one disappointing. My favourite here has to be Batee Tokong where I saw sharks last year, and plenty of good stuff this year including barracudas, octopuses and a turtle.  I'm a bit of a size-queen of the deep and don't care for the small stuff; hence the dive I found disappointing may be good for other people.  There are many good sites (including an underwater hotspring) which may more suited for people with more advanced certification (ie. not me) as the best stuff can be down around 30m.