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2011 Havelock Island: Diving in remotest India

posted 15 May 2011, 16:33 by Alex Chan   [ updated 22 Sep 2011, 20:04 ]
I paid a visit to the Andaman Islands, which is the part of India that's closer to Phuket and Banda Aceh than the Indian mainland.  While over there I dived with Andaman Bubbles at Havelock Island. 
Being in the Indian Ocean you'd think that the diving would be amazing ... but it wasn't the best (but remember I've dived Sipadan and Bunaken).  As I only did two dives (Aquarium and The Wall), I thought my sentiments may not have been justified but a French couple who did many dives (at many sites) there shared my views.  By the way, you can dive with an elephant too, if you wish!